Types of Electrical Contracting Services

Electricians are just like any other business that provides a service. Just like many others areas of expertise, there are good, bad and yes, ugly electricians.

Word of mouth is often the best way to find reliable service contractors. In fact, in our own home, we found the services of a trustworthy electrician Fort Lauderdale by talking to a friend in line at the grocery store. If you ask around, even to casual acquaintances in the neighborhood or around town, you’ll find people happy to share their experiences, good and bad, as well as their costs, tips and suggestions. Don’t be shy; ask around.

And just like your local butcher, Doctor, Attorney or Chef, they all have areas that they specialize in, areas where they have or lack certain skills and where they bring in their own specialists.

So, what are the many areas of expertise that a certified and professional electricians could be well versed in? There are literally hundreds of different electrical issues, potential problems and dangers with electrical set-ups. But below is a pretty good list to start with. Here are just some of the areas a local electrical contractor should be knowledgeable in:

1. Basic residential electrical needs
2. Basic electrical repairs
3. Electrical installations
4. Detecting and pinpointing electrical issues
5. Discerning electrical dangers
6. Outlet and switch repairs
7. Lighting repairs
8. Circuit breaker repairs
9. Electrical wiring repairs
10. Troubleshooting
11. Flickering light repairs
12. Electrical fire repairs
13. Electrical panel repairs
14. Fuse panel repair
15. Cooler light repairs
16. Ceiling fan installation
17. Chandelier installations
18. Landscape lighting
19. Recessed lighting installation
20. Alarm system electrical set-up
21. Home entertainment electrical preparation

As you can see, the list could go on and on with all the possible electrical issues that one could face in the home. It’s always good to ask an electrician for their reviews, qualifications, licensing and insurance, before allowing them to start.

It’s also good to ask about costs before they even come to your location so there are no surprises. Many electricians will charge a service call but then provide a free estimate for repairs they deem to be necessary once they arrive and determine what issues you are facing.

Either way you approach hiring an electrician, make sure to do your homework and as we have talked about in other posts, ask around and check their most recent reviews.

More to come!